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Musings on Fall and Flu Season

Posted on September 23, 2017 at 12:15 AM

Your kids are back in school. The work routine resumes with new challenges. Leaves begin to turn to their fall colors and there is a bite in the air. Daylight draws shorter. Your body is attempting to adjust to the change in temperature.

Whether this season appeals, or not, there are new stresses in today’s life. The frenetic pace of life, a duty to perform, the needs of your loved ones, all distract us from self-care. While many of us tend to put the needs of others before ourselves, we won’t be of much use if we don’t pay attention to our spiritual, mental and physical needs.

Sure, you say, but easier said than done!

We’ve all heard that stress, whether internal or external, has a direct correlation to our immune system. Ever wondered why?

Scientifically speaking – our bodies (specifically the endocrine system) produce a higher level of a substance (hormone) called cortisol when stressed. Cortisol produces an anti-inflammatory response and affects carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. (Weight gain, anyone?) While necessary for short periods, over prolonged time, it inhibits your immune system.

Is it any wonder that fall is synonymous with flu season? But what to do?

Listen to what your body needs to boost its immune system; get the right amount of sleep, drink plenty of water, consider supplementation, eat healthy (more on this later). For example, if you have a craving for a specific food – your body is telling you it needs a particular vitamin, mineral, enzyme, fat or protein. You simply know you have a craving for soup, mashed potatoes, nuts, etc. Maybe ask yourself what’s in that food you love so much?

Do what you love. Unplug. Now is the time to read that good book, take that walk, soak in the tub, or spend quality time with friends or family.

Schedule time for a massage! Most people do not know that massage therapy reduces cortisol levels. Regular massage will boost your immune system.

But massage therapy can be so expensive/I can’t justify the expense right now, you say?

Many probably spend more on Starbuck’s Coffee in a month or a night out on the town than you would on a half hour massage or “Aroma Touch” session. Your health is way more valuable! Both to you and your family. And, at A Stitch in Time Therapeutics, we can even connect you with essential oils that neutralize viruses that cause flu and colds!

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