A Stitch In Time Therapeutics

Affordable and Mobile Massage Therapy

Our Approach:

You wouldn't exercise once every three months and expect to be in shape?

You wouldn't take a vacation once every 5 - 10 years and expect to be relaxed?

Then why do we expect this of our muscles?  

We all know that continual overuse or even poor body mechanics will eventually cause strain and possible chronic injury. Don't ignore those "stitches" - book an appointment today - and give your muscles a well deserved vacation!

Why us?

In an often impersonal and overtaxed health care system, it's easy to feel like you are just another number. At A Stitch In Time Therapeutics you matter! We want to take the time to get to know you and your therapeutic needs! Massage Therapy to us is a ministry of touch and healing, involving the entire person - not simply a business. When was the last time your health care professional prayed for you?

We offer a relaxed atmosphere using only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils for an allergen free environment. For example, clients who have experienced severe allergic reaction to a similar oil experienced no reaction with our therapeutic grade.

With over 8 years massage therapy experience, and a registered member of the Canadian Massage and Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association, we are committed to continually adding to our knowledge of therapeutic modalities and giving back to the community - including massage therapy for:

  • The Journey - a spa day for women transitioning from homelessness
  • "Uncover the Cure 10k Walk/5k run"
  • Women's Rehabilitation Centres in Mexico